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Shoreline Erosion


Are you losing your shoreline? Is your shoreline/stream bank eroding into the water? You may be eligible to receive funding through cost-share programs that assist landowners with water quality and shoreline/stream bank restorations. Up to 75% of project costs could be covered to restore high quality native shore land/stream bank buffers that protect water quality, reduce soil erosion, and save your bank. A shore land buffer can be composed of a mix of native aquatic plants, grasses, wildflowers and/or shrubs and trees.

Lakescaping Benefits:

Lakescaping Benefits:

  1. Controls shoreline erosion with deep rooted plants
  2. Protects water quality by filtering runoff
  3. Reduces flooding
  4. Creates fish and wildlife habitat
  5. Discourages nuisance geese
  6. Low maintenance
  7. Provides privacy
Lakeshore Lakescaping Manual

This guidebook is intended to help you design and install native wildflower plantings to protect and improve water quality in your lake, stream, and or neighborhood.

Lakescaping Manual

Otter Tail County Shoreland Guide for Lake Stewardship

The Otter Tail County Shoreland Guide to Lake Stewardship is a collaborative project of the Otter Tail County Coalition of Lake Associations (COLA), East and West Otter Tail SWCDs and Otter Tail County Land & Resource Management.

This guidebook will provide you with the basic information on good lake stewardship; however, it should not be considered complete or current. Many of the matters discussed are subject to detailed ordinances, rules, regulations, and statutory provisions to which you should refer for details and are subject to periodic changes that may not be reflected in this guidebook. Neither the Otter Tail County COLA or any of the other contributors assume any responsibility for errors or omissions.

Shoreland Guide